book of metaphors

all circles presuppose
they'll end where they begin
but only in their leaving
can they ever come back 'round
all circles presuppose

Jesus, I’m living in an apartment complex on UT campus that’s 90% undergrads for the next week and it’s absurd and scary. It’s 5am and I was in bed reading and I hear (right outside my window) a girl saying “no, no” and sobbing and a dude yelling “you SLUT” so I obviously immediately briskly walked outside. There are two girls standing at the gate, I would guess about 18 or 19, and they ask me, “what did you hear? We’re sorry. Her boyfriend is just mad at her. He told her not to go out tonight and she went out and now he’s just mad at her.” I look down the way and see this girl crumpled on the ground, sobbing, having a goddamn asthma attack, while this dude stands over her, yelling. AND HER FRIENDS ARE JUST STANDING THERE. So, bra-less, panty-less, in my pajamas with mascara running down my face, I straight stride over, pick this girl up by the underarms and open her purse, administer an inhaler (she’s wasted) and begin to help her walk back into the apartment complex. Eventually, her two friends see that I’m struggling to hold her up (I’m weak as fuck) and come to help/ take her from me. I ask all three of the girls “look, I’m not going to get you in trouble. I’m 23 and I’ve been here before. I know you’re all drunk. I’ve also been drinking. Be honest with me. How much did she drink? Have any of you done any drugs tonight? I need to know.” And the girl heaving, sobbing, says “I had two beers and two shots. I’m not on any drugs.” Her friends turn around and attest. She keeps sobbing but stands up on her own and breaths regularly. I tell her two friends, “keep a close eye on her. Make sure to keep her on her side so she doesn’t choke if she vomits in her sleep. And if you’re lying to me about any sort of drug use, I hope you’re good friends and you take her to the hospital. Shit, I’ll even take her to the hospital.” They make it into the gate and turn around and say, “thank you. Her boyfriend is just a jerk and set off her asthma. He hits her.”
Then they close the gate, and it’s 5am, and I’m tired, and I’m left with a 5’10” skinny mop-haired Rooney wannabe who is no older than 19 and I just stared at him, half-naked with makeup all down my face, and said, “dude. Are you proud of this? What the fuck is wrong with you. Leave. Give me your keys and cell phone or else I’ll call 911 for domestic battery. We have enough witnesses.”
And then I locked him out of the complex, put the girl (and her drunk, shitty friends) to bed in their apartment down the hall with lots of water, and left his keys and cellphone on the night table with a sticky note that said, “he isn’t worth it” on top.
I’m too old for this RA shit y’all, I swear

fun fact
I went to the grocery store yesterday and the entire time I was super paranoid because I felt like people were following me and watching me? Like, my brain kept saying, “that person is following you and watching you and taking notes” and then I had to leave the grocery store because being watched

just fun n flirty facts about myself

Good example of who I am as a person: I went to a bar tonight and was surrounded by boring, self-involved strangers and across the table there was a married dude who kept staring at my tits so to amuse myself all night, I stared intently and unblinking at a point right behind his head. He looked really uncomfortable and kept turning around to see if there was a tv or something behind him. And there wasn’t. And I just kept staring at that point vaguely in the distance until he left.

Lolololol a friend made this for me

Lolololol a friend made this for me

"It’s cool to linger in the past and all, though you’re going to kick yourself for it in retrospect, but if you’re going to waste your time on something untenable but comfortable, it’s impossible to move forward. Move forward, or stay stuck. There’s no one foot in the past and one foot in the future option. You’re obviously not ready to hear this now; you wouldn’t even be talking to your ex if you were. You’re trying to see other people because he told you to (how generous!) but there’s no point, because you’re fixated on this future fantasy end game with your ex where he’s fixed and you’re happy. Spoiler alert: relationships are hard work and they happen simultaneous with other hard life shit. He is fully aware of this, but taking advantage of you. If someone’s not with you when they’re in a bad place in life, they’re not magically going to be with you later when they’ve arbitrarily decided life’s good enough to pencil you in. There is no “yay everything is good now forever!” place, there’s only daily commitment, which needs to take place in the present, not the hypothetical future Zac dangles in front of you to keep you emotionally hooked."

— my ex-therapist Dr. Judy Sonnenburg


if you are or are any combination of male, cis, white, straight, able-bodied, etc and you feel othered or unwelcome in relevant social activist circles and seek a community of people who will always judge you by the content of your character and not the details of your personhood, i have super good news for you about the rest of the world

put this on my grave, I swear

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"It seems to me that the New Atheism — particularly its recent gaudy English manifestations — has a distinctly neo-colonial aspect. (As Cary Grant remarked: Americans are suckers for the accent!) On the one hand, the New Atheist, with his plummy Oxbridge tones, tries to convince Americans that God is dead at a time when London is alive with Hinduism and Islam. (The empiric nightmare: The colonials have turned on their masters and transformed the imperial city with their prayers and their growing families, even while Europe disappears into materialistic sterility.) Christopher Hitchens, most notably, before his death titled his atheist handbook as a deliberate affront to Islam: “God Is Not Great.” At the same time, he traveled the airwaves of America urging us to war in Iraq — and to maintain borders that the Foreign Office had drawn in the sand. With his atheism, he became a darling of the left. With his advocacy of the Iraq misadventure, he became a darling of the right."

— Richard Rodriguez, “New Atheism Has a Distinctly Neo-Colonial Aspect”, Salon (Dec. 15, 2013)

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[W]e live in a sexually liberal society, not a liberated one. A truly liberated society is one where sex is value-neutral and not having sex is just as acceptable as having a lot of it.

The fact that asexuals are considered weird, sick, abnormal, mentally ill, repressed, etc is a bold indicator that we are not living in a sexually liberated society but in a liberalized one.


— The Thinking Asexual, “Women, Passion, and Celibacy | Introduction: Celibacy is Not Hereditary” (via cakewithcaroline)

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How do you define ‘fuckboy’.

- someone that fuck w you emotionally
- a liar
- someone that uses you
- someone that treats you like a side bitch or an option
- someone that turns the table around on you n make you the bad person
-someone that come around only when they need you or feel lonely

this list could go on tbh

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